Blockchain course

Blockchain course

Lecture 1. Introduction: coordination and Bitcoin.
Lecture 2. Introduction: Ethereum and beyond.
Lecture 3. Cryptographic hash functions.
Lecture 4. Encryption and digital signatures.
Lecture 5. The SMR and BB consensus problems and the Dolev-Strong protocol.
Lecture 6. Relaxing PKI: the hexagon argument.
Lecture 7. Asynchrony, BA consensus and the FLP impossibility.
Lecture 8. Partial synchrony and the CAP theorem.
Lecture 9. The Tendermint Protocol.
Lectures 10. Longest-chain consensus.
Topics for researching and presenting
Topics for researching and presenting

Dates of presentations:

10/20 Vadicherla+Meruva: AMMs
10/25 Satter+Byrnes: DAOs
10/27 Wang+Liu: NFTs
11/1 Dupont: payment channels & lightning network
11/3 Pu+Wong: oracles
11/8 Choi+Xu: money markets
11/10 Lewars+Lin: stablecoins
11/17 Zhang: on the existence of SNARKs
11/17 Lee+Jafri: zk privacy
11/22 Aw-Barua: MEV
11/29 Freitag+Reino: zk rollups
12/1 Tsou+Mishra: optimistic rollups

Instructor: Artem Kotelskiy,

Virtual office hours: reserve a meeting here

Class time/location: TueTh 4:45pm- 6:05pm, in Chemistry 128.